How to Cure Acne of your face

By | December 16, 2016

Cure Acne of your face

Cure Acne of your face : Skin is our like best friend and is the most protective part of our body. Skin protects our internal body parts from sun and dust and many other bad materials, I think as skin is doing so  much for our body we must care our skin too from many skin infections. Do you know skin is the main key of attraction? According to me, we must maintain our skin to our best. Pimples are very irritative skin problems that one can have, actually this acne destroy our skin from deep so we need to take good care of our skin to get rid of acne. How to cure acne?

How to Cure Acne of your face

Today I am going to talk about the steps for how to cure acne in simple steps. These remedies are easy enough for you to remember. This stubborn acne is very easy to remove if you follow this remedies and I am sure you will start loving this article. So let’s go with the remedies of removing acne from your face easily within some days.

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How to cure acne in simple steps:

1.  Apple Cider Vinegar:  You can call apple cider as the power house of the proteins. Apple car kills the bacteria which keeps your skin dry from oil  and keep your skin out from any pimples and acne. Apply apple cider on your face for about 10 minutes for getting effective results within few days. I am sure you will like using apple cider in your face for removing acne from your face.

2. Yogurt: You can also use yogurt or milk and honey in order to remove acne from your face. Take one tablespoon of yogurt milk and raw honey in a bowl and mix it together so that it gets mixed together and get in to a perfect paste to use in your face. Now massage your face with the mixture and keep it to dry for some 10-15 minutes. After letting your face dry wash your face with water and clean with soft cotton cloth. After finishing this apply moisturizer as well so that your face remain moisturized. Using this remedies will show you result with in minimum time.

3. Egg White: Egg white is one of the easiest way and very affordable way for everyone to cure acne and this remedy gives security for solving your question how to cure acne? Apply egg white on your face, you can use many egg white but according to me, two or three egg white is ok. Apply the egg white mask on your face and let it dry for some 20-25 minutes. After sitting for 20 minutes wash your face with luke warm water and moisturize your face. This remedies must solve you how to cure acne question.

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4. Papaya: Papaya is a very good fruit which has lots of natural minerals in it which helps in solving many health problems with in a minute. Extract papaya well and apply in your faceand leave it for 15 minutes that it get dries up in your face. Now wash your face and as always do not forget to moisturize your skin as you need to do after applying all remedies in your face.

This is all the top four best remedies for how to cure acne in simple steps or remedies. I have used this remedies personally and tested that this really works for every type of skin. I hope reading this article have helped you in maintaining your skin to a perfect way, try out this remedies and keep your skin healthy, soft and beautiful. Thanks for reading the article, if you are to post comment go ahead below and comment in the box there.

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